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It is a one-off payment, a final installment, similar to ordering a driver’s license, is not applicable here.

Within a few days of your order, you will receive a questionnaire from us about your previous history, which will be attached to the MPU report.


Do you need a positive MPU report to regain your car driver’s license or your passenger transport license?
No problem, we at are at  our customers’ side with advice and action  and help them to get their driving license despite the annoying MPU requirement.

In many German cities it is almost impossible to pass an MPU exam, often the failure rates are around 90% and every new attempt is expensive, so we often hear from our customers that after years without a driver’s license they have defacto resigned themselves to it & have shelved the car or motorcycle chapter.

Within 15 working days, all of our customers receive a credit created by us in cooperation with a German testing institute.



5 reviews for MPU Gutachten

  1. Dennis

    Exzellente Dienstleistungen dieser Website. hochgeschätzt

  2. Jonas

    ich bin euch dankbar. nette Dienste.

  3. Paul

    wunderbare Erfahrung . sehr empfehlenswert

  4. Heinrich

    Zuverlässige Webseite. empfohlen

  5. Leo

    Ich werde diese Website allen meinen Freunden empfehlen. wunderbare Dienste

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